There are many certainties in life and one of them is that if you have not taken adequate steps to protect your estate when you depart this world, the tax man will likely benefit. Or, those you intended to benefit from your estate may not get to do so.

private client legal servicesThis is one reason why wills are so important and if you have an estate of significant value, the use of trusts to help protect those that may inherit from you.

The process of dealing with and distributing the estate of a family member who has died, Probate, can be a complicated affair. VLCW has a wealth of experience in helping private clients manage this situation at such as difficult time.

Understanding the implications of leaving an estate and helping you and your family plan for life’s eventualities, is an important part of planning for the future VLCW can help you with.

Many of the complexities that arise when a family member passes on and problems associated with distributing the estate they have left behind can be mitigated through proper estate and inheritance planning through the provision of a will. If it hasn’t then VLCW can help with both wills and probate.


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