How to Resolve a Dispute With Your Landlord

38970282_sDisputes with landlords can arise for a variety of reason and can result in you feeling very uneasy in your home and worried about the security of your tenancy with your current landlord.

These disputes can happen over any number of things such as:

  • rent
  • repairs or lack of them
  • your right as a tenant to not be disturbed
  • the terms of your lease or
  • your deposit

Disputes can become complicated and escalate quickly but you should try to discuss the issues with your landlord to try to resolve them before they grow.

You should attempt to schedule an appointment with your landlord in order to discuss the problem at hand and make an agreement if possible. It is important that you decide what you would like to happen before this appointment and know what you are entitled to. Be courteous but assertive when negotiating with them.

A Fair Argument

Allow your landlord to voice their side of the argument and assure them that you understand their opinions; you can then voice your side of the dispute, avoiding personal comments, as this is a business matter and not a personal one.

Try to get any agreement in writing as this will help if the dispute reoccurs. You may find that this brings your dispute to an end but if not, you can still work towards resolution

Alternative – ADR

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR is a good way of avoiding litigation, which is costly, unpredictable and time consuming and mediation is often used in these types of dispute.

A mediator will meet with you and your landlord to hear both sides of the dispute and will make a decision on the outcome. You should be aware that mediation does have limitations though. You have to both agree to take part and if your landlord does not want to, this leaves you little option but to litigate. In addition, the mediator’s decision may not be legally binding and you could end up with the same dispute even after mediation.

This will leave you no option but to litigate, so talk to one of our experienced residential property law team now for advice on your next steps.

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