Commercial and Property
Dispute Resolution Solicitors

VLCW are solicitors specialising in commercial litigation, dispute resolution and property matters, in particular:

  • Commercial property services
  • Residential property services
  • Commercial dispute resolution
  • Property disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Insolvency
  • Business disputes
  • Co-owner disputes


The world we live and do business in is a complex place, one where misunderstandings and disagreements are common place. Whether it’s a commercial dispute involving your business or a personal dispute, it’s often very stressful and can become a significant drain on your business.

Commercial disputes are a terrible time consuming distraction that can negatively impact your business’s performance, sometimes in catastrophic ways. It’s important then to quickly establish the basis of the dispute and all your legal options.

It’s just a fact of business life, companies run into commercial issues all the time, many don’t require the services of a solicitor. All too often though, problems escalate, some can threaten the very existence of a business and lead to insolvency. The outcome though is not always what you may think, especially if you get professional insolvency practitioners involved as soon as possible; they may be able to turn the situation around.

Naturally, you’ll be concerned about cost. VLCW have your interests at heart and will work quickly and diligently to bring your case to a successful conclusion. This is one reason why it’s very important to act quickly and decisively once you are aware of an impending dispute that may require the assistance of a solicitor expert in handing commercial (or private) disputes. The quicker the dispute can be resolved the less it is likely to cost.

Before we begin we will make sure you have a fair assessment of the likely costs involved.

If you are having problems with a commercial or private property, require legal advice on an impending insolvency, or just need help resolving a business dispute, call one of our qualified and understanding legal team on 020 7490 5861 and see how VLCW can help.

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It’s Not What We Do, But Why We Do It

Hopefully it’s pretty clear what services we provide, probably the same as many other law firms. Just like the others, we have years of experience and a great track record we can share with you. The difference though, is in ‘how’ and ‘why’ we do what we do. You deserve to work with a law firm that has the right attitude towards you and your case. That means working with a solicitor that obviously ‘cares’ about you. Your legal needs are our concern first and foremost. We are pragmatists, recognising that you don’t have the time to concern your self in the details of how we pursue a case or the complexity of issues that may arise. All the same though, you want to know that we will work in your best interests and how a case is proceeding.

Our process ensures that we help you provide the information we need and are clear in setting out the options and issues that require your attention in a forthright and concise manner as they arise. In short, we are passionate about fighting for our clients; we love fighting tooth and nail in securing the best outcome we can for you - it’s what we do best and it’s in our blood. So, now you know why we do what we do, why don’t you let us handle your commercial litigation or dispute resolution matters for you; just call in and talk to one of our compassionate legal experts!